At MELKA we aim to provide complete solutions for our clients through all phases of a project, from concept, to design development, construction and project delivery, offering integrated construction management services.

Project Management

MELKA undertakes the complete support of its clients through all stages of concept, design and construction, up to the project delivery, providing integrated administration and procurement services. Having extensive experience in the field, MELKA achieves efficient coordination of technical project management on every project. We take very seriously the responsibility of maintaining an excellent site organization and operation, in order to ensure construction quality of the highest standards as well as the project completion within the set deadlines and the budget as approved by the client.

Architectural Design

Our team at MELKA, formed of highly qualified architects, specializes in the design of urban and holiday residences, office buildings, commercial,  retail spaces as well as apartment and yacht refurbishments. Our meticulous design aims to resolve all technical issues beforehand. Our projects are distinguished by high aesthetics and excellent construction.


MELKA’s highly qualified engineers assume the construction of projects with full professional responsibility, committing to bring the design projects to life. We take great pride in the quality of construction that our company accomplishes through the effective worksite management and the successful coordination of teams. Materializing a project from drawings to reality is a challenge that our team is proven to tackle to the highest standards.

Interior Design

MELKA undertakes interior design projects offering superior design quality, a trait which always defines our projects. Selecting from a wide network of international collaborators and designing custom furniture and architectural elements, we create unique living and working spaces.

Architectural Lighting Design

At MELKA, we offer standalone or integrated lighting design services for interior and exterior spaces. Drawing from a vast array of projects across the world and experience based in New York City, we have unique knowledge of combining light with architecture to enhance the experience of any space and achieve unparalleled environments. Our expertise includes high end residential, healthcare, higher education, office spaces and spa facilities.


At MELKA we are trusted by our clients to supervise and ensure the successful completion of their projects. We offer our unbiased expert consultation as an independent service. We collaborate with design and construction teams to guarantee each project stays on schedule and budget while maintaining optimal aesthetics, value and construction quality.


MELKA is active in property development with a focus on residential and commercial spaces, pertaining to market conditions.